Cruel Zeus

Would the scales fall
From the windows of our soul
If we surrendered absolutes?
The Aztec sun feeds off the young
Would we wither
Betraying the high priest’s call?
Given the Fuhrer’s belief
In the divinity of his blitzkrieg
Has not time arrived
For deities to exit stage left?
Their need for invocation,
Pleas on knees for victory,
Makes them most unruly guests.
Let us stray from compasses
From centers deadly pure
Call this missive naive
But sifting through Hotspur’s rubble
Reveals a radical strain
Hybrids and mutations
Desert seers and healers
Fools titillating kings
Poets and prophets and painters
Woodcarvers, witches and pantheists
Shirking the cloak of cruel Zeus
Creating mythologies and alchemy
Like rattlesnakes switching skin,
the scent of rain beckoning.